We, at Cadenya, are always looking at what’s happening and shaking in the BlockChain space. Well, it’s been an exciting 2 weeks, in that we made investments in 2 projects… I say 2 weeks but 1 project we have been watching for 2 years and the other project since October last year.

What are they?

Project 1 – Blockstack

  • Decentralized computing network and app eco-system. Just what it says… It makes users leverage their browser on their own machine, where it validates you as a user, and then allows you to run any of the dapps available on their platform. No transferring of personal data, no need to log in, … all verified, secure and safe
  • The team is excellently run by Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea
  • They have an extremely large following in the community – See their Telegram channel
  • 1st every SEC-qualified offering – Check out and purchase tokens at Stackstoken – It is currently open for investors at 0.30c / token
  • Website: blockstack.org
Blockstack Decentralized Apps
Blockstack Decentralized Apps

Project 2 – SocialChains

  • SocialChains is a social media platform that solves 2 major problems…
    • Fake users: All users on their platform are 100% verified by government issued ID – No details are retained after verification – This creates a safe and trusted environment to browse, collaborate and just hang out
    • Monetization of your private data: Why let FaceBook and Mark Z. profit from your data? You should profit from your data. SocialChains allows you to opt in and share your data and then share in the profits that are attributed to that sharing.
  • The team is excellently led by Srini Katta a veteran in the Enterprise field and serial entrepreneur
  • YouTube video profile
  • Lets Launch Platform – 1st Round of investment up to $200k currently open – Get in with an equity play!
  • Website: SocialChains.io
Social Chains
Social Chains

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